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BioHeat is produced from a variety of renewable resources - such as plant oils, recycled grease, and even algae, making it one of the most sustainable fuels on the planet. And with BioHeat, you don’t sacrifice food for fuel. Oils and fats for biodiesel are a minor by-product of producing high-protein feeds.

Cernak Fuel delivers Premium #2 Heating Oil and B20 BioHeat Plus.
Both products are enhanced with Avalux detergent additive at no additional cost. “Avalux helps your heating system operate at peak efficiency, which extends equipment life, benefits the environment and saves you money.” Technicians will say that they find the oil filter clean after a year’s use with Avalux enhanced oil. To learn more, click here

Premium #2 Heating Oil has a low sulfur content | up to a B5 BioHeat blend | Avalux additive
EZ automatic or will call deliveries. Minimum order of 125 gallons (100 gallons in Easthampton only)
Normally allow 1-3 business days for delivery, more frequent deliveries are made during peak season.*
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BioHeat® Plus has a low sulfur content | up to a B20 BioHeat blend | Avalux additive
Choosing BioHeat® Fuel as your heating oil is the superior choice for the environment, recycling cooking oils, repurposing waste products, American jobs, American agriculture, sustainability and so much more.
• BioHeat® is a “Green” environmentally friendly fuel
• BioHeat® Fuel is a cleaner burning renewable fuel with lower carbon emissions
• BioHeat is produced in the USA which supports American agriculture, production, and economy
• BioHeat reduces American reliance on foreign oil
• Every gallon of BioHeat® you use, can save up to 4.6 gallons of crude oil
• BioHeat® Fuel even improves our food supply, by supporting the soybean farmers of America
• Your furnace or boiler burner and heat exchanger stay cleaner and more efficient
EZ automatic or will call deliveries. Minimum order of 125 gallons (100 gallons in Easthampton only)
Deliveries are normally made once every two weeks.*
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*The oil delivery schedule is weather dependent and subject to change. Automatic delivery service provided at no extra cost. Our delivery drivers will respect and protect your property. Reliability of delivery is a hallmark that we work to earn every day. Help keep your supply uninterrupted and keep our drivers safe by keeping a clear, shoveled path to your oil tank fill pipe.