Mass. Oil Line Law

Residential property owners (1 to 4 unit dwellings) with oil heat...

In January 2009, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed legislation designed to reduce the frequency of releases from residential heating oil.  For a simplified fact sheet, further details, and a copy of the law, log onto:

Per Chapter 453 of the Acts of 2008 if a residential oil supply and/or return line is in direct contact with the concrete, earth, or other floor surface, it must be upgraded.   Oil supply line upgrade and insurance requirements were scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2010. The compliance date for homeowners was subsequently extended to September 30, 2011..

Example of an Unprotected, Non-Compliant, Oil Supply Line

Oil lines installed on or after January 1, 1990, are most likely already in compliance. No action should be necessary if the following has already been installed per code.

(1) Your oil line has plastic sheathing on the outside of the line(s), (if a return line exists, it must also be protected in plastic sheathing),

Example of a Plastic Sheathed Oil Line


(2) Your oil line has an oil safety valve installed at the outlet of the oil tank,

Example of an Oil Safety Valve (OSV)


(3) The oil burner is located above the oil storage tank and the entire oil line is above the top of the tank.

Example of an Overhead Oil Line-at The Oil Burner

If you are unsure as to whether your oil line is in compliance, be proactive and talk with your service technician.
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