Cernak Fuel is located in the heart of the Pioneer Valley, at 100 Northampton Street, Easthampton, Massachusetts. It is situated:

  • Across the street from Tasty Top,
  • Diagonally across the street from Burger King,
  • Just south of CVS,
  • Next door to Cernak Buick
  • Exactly .5 miles, north on Route #10, from the rotary in the center of Easthampton,
  • Exactly 4.1 miles, south on Route #10, from the Academy of Music in the center of Northampton.

Office Hours
November-March April-October
Monday 8AM-5PM     Monday 8AM-4:30PM
Tuesday 8AM-5PM     Tuesday 8AM-4:30PM
Wednesday 8AM-5PM     Wednesday 8AM-4:30PM
Thursday 8AM-5PM     Thursday 8AM-4:30PM
Friday 8AM-5PM     Friday 8AM-4:30PM
Saturday Closed     Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed     Sunday Closed