Conservation Tips

  • At Cernak Fuel, we recognize the importance of stretching each dollar. While doing so, we are also taking steps to a "greener world". See the following tips to conserve:
  • Have your boiler or furnace cleaned every year.
  • If you have circulating hot water heat with baseboard convectors, vacuum the lint and dust from the fins.
  • If you have a warm air furnace, change the air filter regularly.
  • Update old heating equipment.
  • Ask the service technician whether an energy savings control would be a benefit to you.
  • Set back your thermostat about 5*-6* at night. (We do not recommend more than 6*.)
  • Insulate walls, the attic, and between any space which is heated and any space which is not heated.
  • Replace un-insulated doors and old windows.
  • Place weather stripping around doors and windows.
  • Hang insulated curtains.

    For more detailed conservation tips, visit these websites:, go to “Energy Conservation”, go to "I am a Consumer"

    For additional information about energy rebates, loans, etc., visit: